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3v3 Summer Kickoff Event Registration

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You registration is not complete until we receive payment for your registration. The payment deadline is Tuesday, May 31st at 5pm. Please respect this deadline. We want to post the schedules by Thursday evening June 2nd. After you are done you will see a summary page. Please print this and send it with your check to:
Checks payable to Triangle United SA
Mailing Address: Triangle United SA, PO Box 2321, Chapel Hill, NC 27515
Drop off check: 121 South Estes Drive, Suite 105, Chapel Hill, NC 27515
We agree to play by the rules set forth by the tournament committee. Ultimately we understand everyone is at this tournament for fun and advance or not you are obliged to present your team in a sportsmanlike manner. I also agree to be respectful of the referees.
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